The Pros And Cons Of The Legalization Of Weed

More often than not, when a government passes a new law, there is a group of happy people cheering them on, and a group of angry people booing them. Well, this is exactly what happened when pot became legal in Boulder, Colorado. Despite weed being legal for quite some time now, there are still civilians who are outraged by this and aim to have the bill revoked. While it is true that every decision has a set of pros and cons, there are many people who say that the pros severely outweigh the cons when it comes to legal pot in Boulder. The following are the pros and cons of the legalization of weed.


Crimes Rates Have Lowered Significantly

Who would have thought that making weed legal in Colorado would have had such a positive effect on the levels of crime this state encounters. While many people were afraid that the crime rate would go up, it is steadily declining instead. For starters, all violent crimes in Colorado have decreased by 2.2 percent. Secondly, all burglary related crimes have been lowered by 9.5 percent, and lastly, all property crimes have been lowered by 8.9 percent. All in all, this is a significant amount of crime reduction in this state due to weed legalization.

Tax Revenue Has Augmented

Not only have crime rates been lowered, the government has seen a substantial uprising in tax revenue due to weed legalization. In fact, it was reported by the government made an additional 40 million dollars in taxes, thus making it a lot more affordable for governments to supply schools with adequate health care professionals.

The Unemployment Rate Has Decreased

The legalization of weed has allowed for more jobs to be created, as there are now many legal weed continue reading this dispensaries and grow-ups looking for staff members. More than that, there are plenty of research labs that revolve around marijuana that took in more employees than usual. It is said that the legalization of weed helped over 16 000 jobs surface.


It Angers Neighbouring Countries and States

One of click for more the cons that Colorado is facing due to weed legalization is the complaints and lawsuits from neighboring states.

There Aren’t Enough Pot-Friendly Establishments

Since weed is legal, people think that it is okay for them to smoke in the streets when this is actually a punishable offence. People are only allowed to smoke in their homes and lack weed-friendly establishments.

A Lack of Efficient Contaminant Testing

Despite having the resources, many weed grow-up lacks the resources to pay for efficient contaminant testing, which can be detrimental to the health of stoners.

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